Our main goal is the customer experience of our partners. For this reason we provide a wide range of services.

We are not only satisfied with the sale, but we are also interested about the proper operation of your machines. We provide our partners with services through our technicians fully trained network.


Wide range of services

Equipment installation

Well-trained technicians undertake the installation or relocation of your equipment and its connection to the relevant software.

Equipment service

Our experienced technicians undertake the repair and regular or not, maintenance of your equipment, always keeping it in excellent condition.

Operator training

Technicians with special training and knowledge of graphic design and color management software, undertake the specialization of your operators in the proper use and maintenance of your machines.

Maintenace contract

For the uninterrupted and correct operation of your equipment, and the saving of valuable time, we offer you the possibility of a Maintenance Contract, with free regular visits, a special price list of spare parts and priority in emergency visits.

Color profiling

Many years of experience of our technicians guarantees the perfect color profiling and proper color management, ensuring you can make the most of the capabilities of your printers.

RIP software

The best way to take advantage of your printer’s capabilities is to choose the right color management software (RIP). Chameleon Graphics can offer solutions for every need.

Cutting & engraving software

In order to cut and engrave, properly and quickly, any material on your CNC machines, choose the most suitable software from the ones we offer.

Proper selection and application of materials

Do not hesitate to ask our advice on the right choice of materials and their application. The experience and knowledge of our technicians is at your disposal, as well as the opportunity to participate in one of our seminars.


In this section you can “download” technical features of materials, MSDS, color profiles, test files, colorcards, useful videos, tutorials, etc.

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