The solution for each professional since 2005!

Since 2005 we have been supplying materials and machinery to the professionals of graphic arts and signature. At the same time, we are active in the supply of machinery that serves the sector of Architects. Also, with Chameleon products we cover every small and big need of the professional.

Our modern philosophy, our renewed proposals from highly specialised people but also our goal in customer satisfaction are for us unshakable pillars and for this reason we have developed the absolutely specialised department After Sales support.

So, our company gains the daily trust of the market and this establishes us as one of the most important and reliable companies.

This is evident from our partnerships with leading international companies, as a representative or distributor of their innovative products in the Greek market.


Our main goal is the customer experience of our partners.

For this reason we provide a wide range of services.

We are not only satisfied with the sale, but we are also interested about the proper operation of your machines. We provide our partners with services through our technicians fully trained network.

1. Excellent Application

Our highly trained staff guarantees the proper operation of every machine and every material.

2. High quality service

Our company provides solutions, proposals and applications that enhance the competitiveness of your equipment.


Discover our products!

Discover now the great variety of our products and find out about their high-quality features!

For inscriptions, markings, digital prints, advertisements, architectural applications, discover now our machines and materials.


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